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Port Louis

Port Louis is the island's capital and largest city, offering a kaleidoscope of cultures, with the influences of India, Africa, Europe, China and the Middle East all coming together to create a unique metropolis. The bustle and clamour of the streets and the wonderfully preserved colonial buildings make Port Louis a must to explore on foot. Discover Chinatown, the Blue Penny Museum, Port Louis’ famous Central Market, and, if you fancy a bet, don't miss Champ de Mars, the second oldest racecourse in the world.

An eclectic mix of Asian and European cultures gives Mauritius a distinct cosmopolitan character and visitors can immerse themselves in it on a trade/artisans tour in Port Louis. The vibrant city is split into many neighbourhoods, each one distinguished by different trades. Open-air markets, vendors and artisans combine to create a wonderful tour.

Take a walking tour through the narrow cobblestone streets of Port Louis and explore not only its heritage and history, but also the city's wonderful culinary culture, inspired by its roots in Asia, Europe and Africa. Spices, smells, colours, noise and fascinating people and stories collide on this captivating Mauritian cuisine tour.

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